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Data the Baotris Way

Baotris uses data in a variety of ways to develop effective marketing strategies and make data-driven decisions when it comes to organic marketing. Here are a few ways that we use data when working with our clients.

Persona Development

When creating a buyer persona, we use data to help ensure that the persona accurately represents the client’s target audience. This includes several tactics. One is conducting market research- we use surveys, interviews, and competitor research to to gather data on the target audience. This can include demographic information, buying habits, interests, and pain points. Then we use data from Shopify, Google Analytics, social media, heatmaps and other platforms to track online engagement. This data provides insights into which types of content and messaging resonate with the target buyer personas.

Looking at existing customer data helps to identify commonalities among your customer base. This can include demographics, purchase history, attribution, and other relevant data. Once we collect the data, we work to identify patterns and trends that help create a detailed and accurate persona. Finally, once we use the data, patterns, and trends to create a buyer persona that represents the target audience we need to test it- this includes testing UX website optimization changes, messaging, UI design, and imagery! The data we gathered will also identify new opportunities to engage with your target audience and improve marketing efforts so we will test those as well. 

buyer persona example
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