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Boost Earnings with Our 50/50 RevShare Affiliate Marketing Solution

You only pay 50% of what we make you. No additional costs or fees!

no risk affiliate marketing

Why Choose Baotris?

on and off platform affiliate

On + Off Platform

We're not just on one or two well known platforms. We match you with the right platform for your product and the right partners off platform who share your targeted audience

personalized affiliate marketing


We choose not to work with thousands of brands, meaning we're not also working with your competitors. Instead, we work deeply with a handful of brands, ensuring the strategy is personalized to their brand and products, and the affiliates we choose are the right ones to reach your target audience

revshare affiliate marketing

50/50 Revenue Split

No upfront fees, no hidden charges. We share profits fairly and only charge you for 50% of the revenue we make you

fully managed affiliate marketing

We run it for you

We'll need your help getting set up on the platform, setting up affiliate links, and providing some brand guidelines/photos. After that- you don't need to do a thing! We'll run the programs, manage communications with affiliates, and payments.

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So far, the Baotris Affiliate Program has helped 10 brands make over $500K in affiliate sales.

We have found success because we personalize your strategy and affiliate partners to your brand and your products. We make sure to utilize our network of on and off-platform affiliate partners who share your target audience and help your brand reach new audiences and higher AOVs.

Because everything we do starts with data, we test different commission structures and exclusive promotions to find the right program for you.

Let us help you expand your reach and drive sales while staying true to your brand and your values. Sign up now and let's work together to create a more sustainable future through the power of affiliate marketing.

How It Works

Our Three-Step Process to Ecommerce Affiliate Success:

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Understanding your business, goals, and target audience

Assessing your past and current affiliate program performance

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Strategy Development

Customized affiliate plan tailored to your business needs

Onboarding to platforms

Off platform research and recommendations

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Affiliate Program Management

Baotris experts manage your affiliate programs and affiliate communications, using commission and promotion testing to find what works best for your products

Maximize your profits

ecommerce affiliate marketing


Simple- at the end of the month, we run the numbers and we split the profits from the affiliate channels we manage 50/50. No hidden costs, no extra fees.

Ready to Skyrocket Your Earnings? Join our Affiliate Marketing Program today and start earning more!

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