Case Study — Reaching Passionate Customers






Ephemeris manufactures high-end custom jewelry with a spiritual element—your personal astrological birth chart. Founded in 2019 by Daniela Vianna and Guilherme Verri, Ephemeris has steadily built a devoted following of fans who want deeper insight into what the stars have to say. Partnering with Baotris to grow their D2C business, we led initiatives on [promo and sales strategies, data-driven performance marketing, as well as creative testing.

Key Strategies

Identify key personas through social listening and user research

Source influencers with audience matching key personas for ToFu and BoFu Campaigns

Tested promotional strategies for various audiences (such as tiered pricing)

Optimized existing purchase flows and testing new ones

The Process

By analyzing post-purchase surveys and conducting user interviews, the Baotris team mapped out the purchase journey of current and prospective Ephemeris customers.


Testing new strategies and gauging conversion rates during each step of the journey:


  • Test added urgency beyond just deadline, using scarcity

  • Testing promotions both to existing customer vs. leads/prospect customers

The Results

Email campaigns contributed to 35% of revenue

Launched 3 new foundational flows: New Customer Welcome, Lead ReEngagement, and Birthday

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