Case Study — Launching Espin's Influencer Program



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Espin is an electric bike startup focused on simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability. The idea came to founders Josh Lam and Yina Liu when they moved to San Francisco and encountered the city's (in)famous hills. Looking for new marketing channels to scale their growing D2C business, the Espin team partnered with Baotris to develop a data-driven strategy for influencer marketing

Key Strategies

Identify key personas through social listening and user research

Source influencers with audience matching key personas for ToFu and BoFu Campaigns

Track and measure the performance of every campaign to double-down on what's working and iterate on what's not.

Optimized web experience flows and messaging to move customers to purchase faster.

Developed content beyond transactional messaging. Best results were from editorial-like content like "5 Reasons to Gift an Aero Bike."

The Process

By analyzing post-purchase surveys and conducting user interviews, the Baotris team mapped out the purchase journey of current and prospective Espin customers. Electric bikes aren’t impulse purchases, and since customers weren’t able to test ride e-bikes due to the pandemic, buyers looked to YouTube for reviews and to better understand the “feeling” of an e-bike. 


Based on this insight, Baotris sourced influencers whose audience overlapped with a key persona to create YouTube content. Working with Baotris, Espin had access to the GRIN platform for easy tracking and measurement of all influencer-created content. And because electric bikes are still fairly new, the YouTube videos made for perfect evergreen content.


The Results

4.5x ROI

30 Videos with a total of over 140,000 Views

200% average organic growth across social networks

Email campaigns between November & December of 2021 generated 30% of total revenue

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