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Case Study — Launching a Subscription Program



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Go Buddha Digital Kitchen is a Cleveland-based plant-based meal company. In 2021, they partnered with Baotris to find a sustainable revenue stream, expand their meal-delivery service, and optimize their ad spend dollars.

Key Strategies

Built an email program to acquire and nurture customers.

Planned the framework for testing & launching the subscription program

Technical evaluation of the Subscription Apps on Shopify

The Process

Baotris began working to understand which creative content appealed to Go Buddha customers. We ran digital ads featuring different lifestyle imagery, as well as executions that featured the Go Buddha founder, or just the food alone.

Go Buddha desired to expand their business beyond customers in the greater Cleveland area, who primarily used their website for food pickup. And because Cleveland is subject to harsh weather conditions, we decided one way to build a sustainable, non-weather dependent business was through a subscription program.

Developing the program from end to end, Baotris helped define subscription packages and set up the digital infrastructure needed to get customers into the funnel and guide them toward purchase

Some of our methods included using ReCharge to manage subscriptions, creating subscriber email flows to share weekly menus, gathering feedback from churned customers to learn how to improve the process, and generated digital campaigns to create awareness for the program and offer sign-up incentives.

The Results

Established a subscriber program with less than 5% churn rate

Developed a feedback loop between Baotris and the company founder to iterate on the subscriber program

Successfully built sustainable weekly revenue with new users joining every week

Boosted Go Buddha’s subscription revenue with in-store sales as an added bonus

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