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Ephemeris Case Study: Reaching Passionate Customers

Highlight: Impact of email campaigns and launching new flows

Category: Jewelry



Ephemeris manufactures high-end custom jewelry with a spiritual element—your personal astrological birth chart. Founded in 2019 by Daniela Vianna and Guilherme Verri, Ephemeris has steadily built a devoted following of fans who want deeper insight into what the stars have to say. Partnering with Baotris to grow their D2C business, we led initiatives on [promo and sales strategies, data-driven performance marketing, as well as creative testing.

Key Strategies

  • Identify key personas through social listening and user research

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy to match the key personas for ToFu and BoFu campaigns

  • Test promotional strategies on different organic channels for various audiences (such as tiered pricing)

  • Improve email marketing performance by optimizing existing purchase flows while testing new ones

  • Focus on a data-driven approach to brand building by unifying organic efforts across all organic channels

The Process

By analyzing post-purchase surveys and conducting user interviews, the Baotris team identified Ephemeris’ target persona as astrology enthusiasts as opposed to what Ephemeris was previously targeting—jewelry enthusiasts. Baotris then mapped out a new purchase journey of current and prospective Ephemeris customers by launching an end-to-end persona-based marketing flow.

At each step of the journey, we tried new strategies and gauging conversion rates, including:

  • Testing urgency beyond just a deadline, using scarcity

  • Testing promotions both to existing customer vs. leads/prospect customers

The Results

  • Improved email deliverability by moving over to a live text & image email approach versus 100% image-based comms

  • Email campaigns contributed to 35% of revenue

  • Launched 3 new foundational flows: New Customer Welcome, Lead ReEngagement, and Birthday

  • All KPIs performed better than expected, excluding conversions


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