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YouTube Shorts Launching Monetization for Creators February 1- Here's Everything You Need to Know

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Starting February 1st, YouTube creators will be able to make ad revenue from Shorts, as part of a broader update to YouTube's Partner Program. Eligible creators will earn money from ads that are viewed between videos in the Shorts Feed.

What are YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows users to create and upload short-form, vertical videos directly from their smartphone using the YouTube app. The built-in creation tools provide options to capture, edit, and add music from major labels, animated text, control the speed of footage and edit multiple clips together, with a maximum length of 60 seconds. Users can share, comment, like, dislike or subscribe to channels while viewing the Shorts, and the content remains permanently on YouTube, as opposed to disappearing like other short-form video apps such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat. It is a way for users to connect with a new audience using just a smartphone and the Shorts camera within the YouTube app.

Who can Earn Money with Youtube Shorts?

Creators in the YouTube Partner Program are eligible to turn on Shorts monetization, while new creators can become eligible by having 1,000 subscribers and 10 million eligible Shorts views in the past 90 days. Once approved, creators must review and accept the relevant agreement to share ad revenue on Shorts.

How do you Earn Money with Youtube Shorts?

The revenue will be shared specifically for content viewed via the Shorts player and within the Shorts Feed. Each month, the revenue will be used to reward creators and cover music licensing costs. Creators will keep 45% of the revenue, regardless of whether they use music in their Shorts, and the revenue will be distributed based on the number of views in each country. So if a creator had 2% of the eligible views out of all the creators monetizing with shorts, they will be allocated 2% of the pool of funds, the creator will get to keep 45% of that 2%.

How Can I Sign Up to Make Money on Youtube Shorts if I’m Eligible?

YouTube is introducing a modular system for the YouTube Partner Program's terms, which allows creators to opt-in to Shorts monetization separately. Creators in the program will have to sign a base agreement that dictates guidelines for content and payment. Existing partners have until July 10th, 2023, to accept the new terms or lose the ability to monetize and have to reapply to the program. Additionally, there are agreements for "Watch Page" and Shorts monetization that creators can choose to participate in separately. The Shorts agreement, available on February 1st, allows creators to receive a cut of revenue from ads viewed between videos in the Shorts Feed, while the Watch Page agreement covers other content such as livestreams and traditional long-form videos on YouTube, YouTube Music, or YouTube Kids.

Are All Youtube Shorts Eligible for Monetization?

Revenue sharing is not available for non-original Shorts. These include unedited clips from movies or TV shows, re-uploaded content from other creators on YouTube or another platform, or compilations with no original content added. Additionally, Shorts that receive artificial or fake views, such as from automated clicks or scroll bots, are also not eligible for revenue sharing. It has not outlined specific rules around duets, reactions, or remixes, though we’re sure that will be clear in the terms that are posted on February 1.

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