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Build a brand that lasts a lifetime, at a cost you can afford

Our plans are crafted to meet your business's needs today, no matter the size. Not sure what you need? Sign up for a free audit and we'll identify the biggest opportunities for growth and success.


We put our skin in the game.  We know you rely on performance (and frankly may have run into issues with agencies in the past).  Very simply if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.  We want our incentives aligned with yours so that we grow together.  

50/50 RevShare Affiliate Program

The No-Risk, easy way to add a new revenue stream to your business.

We create a personalized on and off platform affiliate marketing strategy for your brand and then manage it for you. 

You only pay 50% of what we make you. No additional costs or fees!


affiliate marketing agency

Ecommerce Developer
Marketing Bootcamp

For SMBs - first we run your campaigns, then we teach you to take them over.
Personalized, hands-on, and data-driven marketing so you don't have to rely on agencies.

6 months and 12 month programs

Starting at $2300/month

For a limited time, save $500 per month

ecommerce bootcamp

SEO by Baotris

We Make it Easy
for New Customers to Find You

Climb Search Ranks, Get More Traffic, Make
More Sales

More Content than Other SEO Companies

All US based

Proven data-driven strategies

Starting at $3000/month

ecommerce seo agency

Baotris Packages

organic marketing pricing

Brand Building: Designed to help you stand out from the crowd as a unique brand with an authentic connection to your target audience

$10,000 + 15% of earned additional revenue per month

6 month minimum contract


What you'll get:

  • Fully managed affiliate program

    • Strategic relationships with leading publishers to grow your audience

    • Established effective program to drive directly attributable revenue

    • Optional add on: Influencer + UGC Campaigns to build trust and increase conversions

  • Persona Building Package

    • 2 detailed, data-driven customer personas

    • Integrated content calendar to reach personas on the right channel with the right message at the right time

    • Website content + design improvements for a more user-friendly experience

  • Technical + on-page  SEO management

    • Keyword strategies and content for higher SERP rankings

    • Audit and ongoing technical fixes

    • 15% minimum increase in organic traffic in the first 3 months

  • Analytics analysis & reporting

    • Weekly reporting of data

    • Bi-weekly reports with actionable next steps, driven by data

  • A team of dedicated organic marketing and data experts who will work closely with you to achieve your goals and help you scale your business


We are committed to generating $60K in additional revenue over the course of the 6-month contract. Or your money back.

Supercharge your growth with Baotris' Brand Building package! Our experts will work with your team to develop and execute a personalized multi-channel strategy that tells a compelling brand story and grows your organic traffic for sustainable, long-term success. 


Starting with research and data analysis to gain a deep understanding of your ideal customer, we will develop target personas for your brand. Then, we strategically align all your communication channels, including affiliate programs, influencer campaigns, owned social media, and email marketing, to create a consistent brand message to effectively reach your target market and grow your customer base.


See how Baotris compares

image (2).png

Word of Mouth:

  • Affiliate Program

  • Optional Influencer Campaigns

  • Influencer + Affiliate Program Manager

Stand Alone Services:

  • Affiliate Program (2.5K)

  • Optional Influencer Campaigns ($500/Influencer x 10)

  • Influencer + Affiliate Program Manager (8.5K)

$2k + 30%/month


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