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Why Choose Baotris?

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all USA Based

No weird copy that doesn't translate to American vernacular. Our copy writers are based in the US and are native English speakers. This means you get blogs and product descriptions that don't need a ton of edits. Hiring off-shore SEO can save you money initially, but you end up spending more time and money than you thought in the end

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SEO can take 3 months to see results from so we get moving right away.  While we start fixing any technical errors on your site, we also start optimizing and creating content for your collections and product pages for the maximum results, as quick as possible

best seo agency


Proven white-hat SEO techniques that work -  and a team that says on top of all the latest news and updates. 

We have experience improving traffic and conversions on over a thousand sites and over 250 local sites in the last 6 years

We're also backed by YCombinator- S19

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More Content

On average, we provide our SEO clients with 17-25 pages of keyword-optimized content for their site. This includes product pages, collections, landing pages, blogs, FAQs, and more. Plus, we do the keyword research to make sure what we're creating brings in traffic

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Introducing our cutting-edge SEO program, meticulously designed to elevate your website's visibility and drive organic traffic. As a pioneer in this era of search engine optimization, we understand the value of staying ahead in the digital landscape and make use of all the latest tools and technologies to do so.

Our program employs proven white-hat SEO techniques, tailored strategies, and a data-driven approach to ensure your website consistently ranks high for relevant keywords. We'll complete your keyword research, target high volume keywords that your target audience is searching for, and then create content to get your ranking for them.

With a team of seasoned professionals by your side, you can confidently unlock your website's full potential and experience tangible growth. Discover how our comprehensive SEO program can transform your online presence and boost your business success in the ever-competitive digital world.

How It Works

Our Five-Step Process to Ecommerce SEO Success:

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Understanding your business, goals, and target audience

Assessing your website's current SEO performance

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Comprehensive Website Audit

Identifying technical issues affecting your website's performance

Analyzing on-page SEO factors and content quality

Assessing your backlink profile and off-page SEO factors

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SEO Strategy Development

Customized SEO plan tailored to your business needs

Keyword research and mapping

On-page optimization recommendations

Content strategy and creation
Link-building strategy

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Technical SEO fixes and website optimization

Content creation and optimization

Building high-quality backlinks

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Monitoring and Reporting

Regular updates on your website's performance

Detailed reports on SEO progress and results

Ongoing optimization and strategy adjustments


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2X Organic Traffic

2X Clicks


from 1 Keyword Variant, over 6 months

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Increased Organic ROI using SEO to +3.8, or an increase of 380%

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+20.5% clicks

+35.6% impressions

+30.75% session length

-18% bounce rate

by implementing scalable schema, over 4 months

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SEO Advanced : $4000/month

SEO Basic : $3000/month

Climb the Search Results Summit: Elevate, Dominate, and Accelerate with Baotris SEO!

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