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Baotris builds technology that turns data into brand power - helping ecommerce shops organically market their products while building longterm relationships with customers.

With our platform's AI, we analyze and construct ideal customer journeys that result in long-term growth.
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Baotris is backed by industry-leading investors who believe in the future of the consumer economy.

Why Choose Baotris?

Tina C.

As a solo founder, I loved having Baotris' team of experts to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.

Josh & Yina

You guys are Espin's secret weapon, our biggest support system, and a true extension of our team.

Dani V.

Baotris has drastically changed the way we do things for the better. The data-driven approach and the technical expertise that the Baotris team has brought to our operations and mentality guided us in making better decisions.


As a small business, we have to make smart decisions that help us keep growing. When we partnered with Baotris, it was clear that we got a dedicated team that was just as invested in our success.


After switching to Baotris from Purple Marketing, our affiliate program increased 102.54%. My biggest fear is, for whatever reason, not being able to work with Baotris.


With Baotris and focusing on organic, we’re a lot more efficient in terms of marketing. We had a lot of waste in paid ads spent using agencies last year.


I was just looking at our year-over-year growth so far this month and It has been 18-20% over last year so that’s a good start. Last year was the first year we didn’t grow and that was the reason why I reached out to begin with.

What do clients get?

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