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"As a solo founder, I loved having Baotris’ team of experts to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from. As a result of working with Baotris, we gained a deeper understanding of our target market with the user interviews and post-purchase survey. The user interviews were very enlightening and provided great insight on how we could reach our customers better."

Tina C | Capsul

"The best part of working with Baotris is having a working partner that is an extension of the Espin team and is passionate about helping us grow as a company for the long term. Being able to surround ourselves with experts and helping us understand the importance of data and how to better use it to make decisions, to help us not only set goals, but execute on them together and hold us accountable as we grow together side by side. You guys are Espin’s secret weapon, our biggest support system, and a true extension of our team. We have more clarity on areas we need to improve on to get us where we want to go. We’re more deliberate in the way we work and have a data driven approach in how we look at problems and come up with solutions."

Josh & Yina | Espin

"The data-driven approach and the technical expertise that the Baotris' team has brought to our operations and mentality guided us on making better, more practical and assertive decisions. I can also say that because of Baotris, not only is Ephemeris a more capital efficient company, but I am also a better CEO. Having unlimited access to the Baotris' executives for mentorship and advice has helped me prioritize, manage and execute like never before. We see Baotris as the next generation of VCs. They will have 'skin in the game' by plugging their expertise and team into your company and guide you on every step into achieving your max capabilities, while staying aligned to your vision and strategy. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Dani V | Ephemeris

“As a small business, we have to make smart decisions that help us keep growing. When we partnered with Baotris, it was clear that we got a dedicated team that was just as invested in our success. Whether it’s advising on strategic business decisions or developing and measuring advertising creative work that gets our name out there, Baotris is an all-in-one business solution that’s helping us to reach out goal of bringing fresh, healthy meals to our customers in Cleveland and far beyond.”

Josh | GoBuddha

“One big thing was the customer base, the persona, has changed over the years and we weren’t aware of that. We thought our main customer was surfers, it was in the beginning. But over the last two, three years it has changed and until we did the persona development exercise with the Baotris team, we did not know that. So we were still promoting items that were for an audience that wasn't the main. core audience. What was on our website and our ads, was a mismatch for our audience. After switching to Baotris from Purple Marketing, our affiliate program increased 102.54%. My biggest fear is, for whatever reason, not being able to work with Baotris."

Motoo | Banks Journal

“Agencies charge by the amount spent so it’s really not aligned with the brand’s goals because they want you to spend as much as possible and may not be getting you the best result. They’re just focused on the things you pay them to do, just one piece of the company. With Baotris, they look at all the pieces to figure out what’s going on. This year we’re doing a lot more ourselves and scaling back on advertising because it’s expensive so we’re focusing more on the profitability of the website to make it more efficient. With Baotris and focusing on organic, we’re a lot more efficient in terms of marketing. We had a lot of waste in paid ads spent using agencies last year."

Chun | Bellzi

“It’s been valuable (working with Baotris). What we like the most is having access to a team of people, rather than hiring one individual, we get access to higher-level individuals. It would be expensive to hire someone internally full-time to manage what Baotris does. I was just looking at our year-over-year growth so far this month and It has been 18-20% over last year so that’s a good start. Last year was the first year we didn’t grow and that was the reason why I reached out to begin with"

Sarah | Marley's Monsters

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