Baotris is a unique organic growth partner. We help build sustainable organic revenue streams with our capital, systems, and expertise in organic marketing, data, and ecommerce.


We start with building the right foundation

Every Baotris engagement begins with a data-driven analysis of organic growth potential to uncover your brand’s ideal customer profiles.  


We take responsibility for analyzing and executing across each of your organic channels to ensure the 5 key pillars of organic growth are properly implemented. We synchronize messaging across all channels through planning and iteration. These services are provided at a discounted fixed fee.

An investment program to drive directly attributable sales


Our investment program combines our services, organic and ecommerce expertise, and potentially funding to support your organic growth.


We put our skin in the game by investing our time and expertise in exchange for a revenue share of the attributable revenue.This ensures that you have a vested partner and the programs are ROI positive to you.

Baotris offers more than one way to drive growth

Organic Growth

We execute and manage the five key pillars to accelerate your organic revenue growth.


Revenue-based Execution

We provide up to $20k a month in services to augment organic growth and extend your cashflow runway.  Ensuring working with Baotris is ROI positive


Equity Capital

We offer founder-friendly equity investment up to $2m with strategic expertise and a track record in elevating brands online.


  • In operation for 12 months or more

  • Primarily Shopify based

  • Average monthly online revenue is above $200k

  • Social proof, content strategy and active online presence

  • Incorporated in the USA