Hands-on capital to grow your Shopify brand.

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We invest in and grow Shopify stores.

Building a brand has never been easier, yet answering “how do I grow?” is much harder.

We’ve brought together a team of data scientists, marketing experts, web engineers, and financial operators to help merchants answer that question.

Baotris unlocks opportunity in the data that thousands of Shopify merchants sit on across their e-commerce stack. We centralize and segment our brands’ data, creating a single source of truth about what’s working vs. what’s not.

Our technology uses predictive analytical models to give our merchants a forward-looking view on their website and marketing channels, providing context and clarity as they make decisions for their business.

And we go beyond insights.

We work with our brands as an extension of their team, rolling up our sleeves to solve the challenges holding back their sustained, profitable growth.

We also invest in our brands, providing monthly rounds of risk-free, non-dilutive capital to help scale your marketing. We never charge a fee and only get paid on the upside that our services and investment generates.

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We bring deep expertise in data, finance, and brand building.