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Key personas generated a revenue of 2000% ROI through influencer + affiliate

Highlight: Expanding Market Reach with Persona Development

Category: Clothing


SHREDLY is a women’s mountain bike and outdoor apparel brand that focuses on igniting excitement for adventure with artful, yet technical design. As a female founded and operated brand, SHREDLY is on a mission to offer women of all shapes and sizes the best selection of technical apparel.

Key Strategies:

  • Assess and make an actionable plan to expand SHREDLY’s market share
  • Conduct Persona Research to find one or more new target audience persona of an archetype who was interested in SHREDLY products but was not currently being actively marketed to
  • Craft a unified customer journeys across the different pillars of organic demand, specifically focusing on influencer, affiliate, and email marketing to target the found Personas
  • Unify the brand’s voice and direction
  • Improve on performance of influencer, affiliate, and email marketing channels using data, a/b testing

The Process:

While SHREDLY had the potential and the product offerings to expand their stake in their total addressable market (TAM) beyond the seasoned Mountain Bike community, the brand lacked the direction and strategy to differentiate to reach larger audiences.

SHREDLY partnered with Baotris to implement a brand expansion strategy and expand to larger addressable markets. To do this we started with our Persona Building package and analyzed their past sales data and website traffic while conducting customer interviews and competitor customer interviews.

From this research, we found two new personas that SHREDLY could market to who were potential customer groups that were not currently targeted but were likely to purchase SHREDLY products.

Using these target personas as guidance, we created a unified customer journey across their organic marketing channels, addressing different stages of the buying process. To unify voice and direction, we developed and managed a content roadmap for their organic pillars, creating a cohesive story across all of SHREDLY’s owned channels, including influencer and affiliate marketing (both implemented and managed by Baotris), social media, email marketing, and organic content. After these efforts, customer acquisition rates and conversions increased, helping SHREDLY break their reliance on Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

The Results:

  • Influencer and affiliate program campaigns utilizing the key personas generated a revenue of 2000% ROI
  • Implementation of new persona-targeted email flows contributed to an increase of 11% in email revenue in 4 months
  • Optimized customer retention strategy generated an increase in revenue of 47% from returning customers
  • 11% increase in revenue generated by new customers
  • Increased Google impressions share from 15% to 80% against competitors

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