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3x more email subscribers and +62% in revenue through segmented email

Highlight: Persona Optimized Email Targeting Yields more Sign Ups, Better Engagement, and a 62% Increase in Revenue

Category: Sustainable Household Goods



Marley’s Monsters is a woman-owned, US manufacturer with a mission to provide simple products that inspire and empower sustainable living. Started in 2013 by Sarah Dooley, Marley’s Monsters has grown to a company with over 70 employees thanks to the sustainable goods they sell and the popularity of their flagship UNpaper® Towels. Partnering with Baotris to grow their D2C business and deepen relationships with current customers, we led initiatives focusing on buyer persona development, strengthening email marketing performance, and growing new email subscriptions.

Key Strategies:

  • Identify key personas through Persona Building
  • Improve email marketing lifecycle flows
  • Personalize email marketing content with target buyer personas
  • Drive new email sign ups

The Process:

Marley’s Monster’s email marketing audit revealed a few red flags, mainly that the messages communicated were not targeting a segmented audience (used generic language, did not speak to value or pain points for a specific cohort) and the lifestyle flows like the Welcome flow had poor structure and overloaded content that was causing confusion (and lower conversion rates than average). Baotris also discovered that the rate at which Marley’s Monsters was acquiring new email subscribers was 1.42%, which was lower than the Baotris portfolio of brands of a similar size and product category (3.5%).

To improve the email marketing performance, Baotris started with developing target buyer personas by evaluating past sales data, completing market research, and interviewing Marley’s Monsters customers. By completing this, we were able to identify 2 target audience personas and define their specific motivations and pain points in purchasing sustainable home goods.

Baotris used the information gathered to implement an exit intent email sign up form to test against the original email newsletter signup. Also using the defined key personas, Baotris customized the Welcome email flow to include language that spoke to the target audience’s needs and pains. Before launching, we benchmarked the existing Welcome flow to compare results.

The Results:

  • Baotris Newsletter Sign-up form yielded 3x more email subscribers, performing 329% better than the original
  • The Baotris Welcome Flow generated 62% more revenue than the original
  • Baotris segregated email list resulted in higher engagement
  • Open Rate 204% higher
  • Click-Through Rate 249% Higher
  • Average Order Value 16% Higher

As a next step, Baotris plans to optimize all email flows for Marley’s Monsters

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