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+45% Organic Traffic and +62% Conversions from a Social Media Campaign

Highlight: Better understanding of customers, highly engaged customers, additional newsletter signups, and new customer acquisitions

Category: Toys

Website: Bellzi


Bellzi is a plushie manufacturer that offers a range of adorable stuffed animals. To further enhance their brand, we aimed to improve their marketing strategy.

We conducted a content audit and came to the result that the Bellzi social media and email campaigns primarily focused on product promotion and did not effectively communicate to their intended audience or niche.

Our objective for this campaign became to infuse Bellzi with more personality by sharing their unique brand stories. Additionally, we wanted to build brand awareness by leveraging the power of our existing customers through the persona-based UGC campaign.

We developed a story-centered approach that encouraged customers to share their experiences with Bellzi products. This campaign had several goals, including:

  • validating brand personas
  • promoting storytelling
  • attracting new customers
  • increasing newsletter signups.

Thanks to Bellzi's fantastic products and our collaborative efforts, we were able to communicate their brand story on social media while connecting with customers.

Key Strategies:

  • Create a social media campaign to generate UGC for brand awareness and to repurpose for future marketing campaigns
  • Develop personas and increase responsiveness to their needs
  • Track and measure the performance of every campaign, using data to double down and optimize the customer experience, messaging, and promotions to create more conversions
  • Develop content beyond transactional messaging for deeper audience-brand relations

The Process:

After conducting our content audit to understand what gaps existed in Bellzi's existing content, we developed our objectives for the campaign. Our team interviewed Bellzi customers to understand their demographics, behavior patterns, interests, and pain points, and used this information to identify key 2 target audience persona, also known as buyer personas.

The Baotris team developed UGC prompts that aligned with the identified personas' interests and behavior patterns, this included the creation of the #BellziIntheWild campaign to invite every Bellzi owner to share how their Bellzi plushie brings them joy.

Our team created the campaign landing page and promoted the campaign on Instagram, Facebook, and Discord to encourage followers to participate.

During the campaign, our team monitored the audience's response by tracking the number of submissions, engagement levels, and sentiment of the content. After the campaign was over, a blog was written to review how the campaign went.

After validating the personas through the UGC content using metrics such as the number of posts and engagement, our team repurposed the persona-based insights for future marketing efforts. The insights were used to reinforce the personas in social media posts, on the website, and in email campaigns to engage the audience and promote the Bellzi brand.

The Results:

The #BellziInTheWild UGC campaign has been successful in generating more traffic, social referrals, and conversions during the test period compared to the previous period. This is a positive result that suggests UGC campaigns are a valuable marketing tool for the business.

  • 45% increase in website sessions
  • 129% increase in sessions from social referrals
  • 62% increase in conversions
  • 164% increase in contributed social conversions
  • 128% increase in last interaction social conversions

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