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We interviewed the experts - stop making these mistakes with your ecommerce shop

You're shopping online and all of a sudden something happens, some small, minute, but incredibly irritating thing happens and you end up so frustrated you don't want to make a purchase anymore. The store loses a sale and you almost lose your mind.

While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, I think we all know there are things that ecommerce shops on Shopify and other platforms do that are just super annoying. We've interviewed the experts and come up with a list of 32 of the most annoying things e-commerce stores do.

If you own an ecommerce shop, make sure your store does not do these things!

  1. When your cart empties for some reason
  2. Pop Ups that show a fake discount in exchange for an email address
  3. Follow Up: When you have to close that pop up by clicking a button that says "I don't like to save money"
  4. Additional Follow Up: When you have a popup that offers a discount for an email address, and then when you enter your email address you are told that in order for you to get your discount you ALSO have to sign up to receive texts
  5. Not having proper filters set up so you can't quickly search products
  6. Along with the above, primitive search functions
  7. Pop Ups while shopping that say "Matt in Tampa just purchased..." and a different one shows up every few seconds
  8. When out-of-stock items are still listed on the website
  9. No delivery estimates are available at check out
  10. When the ecommerce site has clearly been made by a designer and developer with very little input from others. They look nice but are a nightmare to use and often don't have enough product information.
  11. Charging shipping for ground delivery on orders over $100
  12. No offer for faster shipping
  13. Bad customer service - if they don't respond within 1 business day
  14. Requiring an address or login to get a shipping estimate
  15. Requiring a login to purchase
  16. Random "fees" that are automatically tacked on
  17. Layout shifts from slow loading page elements like banners
  18. No confirmation emails or update emails after you order
  19. Delayed pop ups
  20. Really big popups
  21. No contact information listed, only a contact form to fill out
  22. No indication of where the company is located
  23. Lack of additional options for payment in checkout (Paypal, Apple Pay, Shop, etc)
  24. "Spin the Wheel" for discounts
  25. Complicated return processes
  26. Products that only have 1 or 2 photos
  27. Livechat pop ups on mobile
  28. No product reviews on products
  29. Bad product copy
  30. Difficult check out processes
  31. A different product listing for each different color
  32. Not working with an awesome company like Baotris

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