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5 Vital Factors Generating Free Traffic to Your Shopify Store

Learn 5 free techniques to boost Shopify sales, including brand partnerships and digital content marketing. Contact Baotris for expert marketing advice.

Any small ecommerce business that aims to boost its sales and visibility has to get a consistent stream of customers to its store.If your enterprise is on the Shopify platform, you may be like many who think marketing campaigns cost a lot and are not sure where to start. However, you can take advantage of a wide range of techniques to attract more customers to your store for free which is a great place to focus if you don't have too much extra capital to spend on marketing.Here are some factors you can focus on to bring top-quality visitors and potential customers to your Shopify store (without spending a fortune!):

Brand Partnership

It is safe to assume that consumers buy from brands similar to those they already follow. In this regard, you can collaborate with other stores and brands to reach new customers who would not have come across yours otherwise. Not everyone will be willing to spend money with an eCommerce store they are not familiar with, so Brand Partnerships also help stores build clout.

Check out these 6 Examples of Successful Brand Partnerships for Shopify for some great ideas on how this could work for you.

Digital Content Marketing

Content marketing attracts new clientele to your site through meaningful, high-quality material that aligns with their consumer interests and needs.For example, creating product manuals with relevant keywords and video tutorials to showcase your products or services bumps up your search result presence and entices visitors from different online platforms.

Blogs that teach and educate are often a great way to drive traffic to your site. Espin Bikes, a small electric bike company on Shopify, is a great example of this. They split up their blog section with helpful navigation that aims to help consumers and prospective consumers learn more about electric bikes in general, not just their brand of electric bikes. They have sections on How-To Guides, Tips & Care, and Health & Safety that aim to educate all ebike owners.

eCommerce Features on Social Media

Most social media channels today include a broad range of tools designed specifically for eCommerce stores. Using these is a cost-effective and straightforward approach to increasing your brand’s awareness. In this instance, you can make shoppable social media posts that lead potential customers directly to your product web pages. Doing this will significantly add to the website traffic your regular content is already generating because it cuts down on the friction for online shoppers. The ability to make a purchase from an Instagram or Pinterest post means buyers don't have to exit their favorite social media sites to buy a product from you, and when they finish their purchase, they can return back to the site they were on easily.

Email Marketing

One of the most cost-effective and foolproof strategies to drive traffic to your Shopify store is sending regular emails to your potential and loyal customers. Reportedly, email marketing has the potential to deliver about 4400% return on your overall investment. To succeed in this endeavor, we recommend sending product announcements, special discounts, and targeted product recommendations to your mailing list. Around 59 percent of respondents in a study actually stated that ethical email marketing helps them make purchasing decisions. This just means that emails are something that consumers actively want to receive.

It can be intimidating to launch email campaigns for the first time as there are stronger and stronger filters on email everyday and you don't want your email to end up in a SPAM folder. Working with an email marketing professional, even to just get set up at the beginning can help you with future campaign success.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines, especially Google, are vital in the success of your store since these are where most people begin their product searches. They provide an incredible convenience to casual consumers and especially intentional buyers. Given this, you want to make sure your products appear in relevant search results by building an effective SEO strategy that focuses on optimizing your product pages and landing or content pages. Remember to aim for keywords that have a high enough monthly search volume  but do not have a very high competition rate. Use a Keyword Planner like Google's to find the best terms to target.

Turning on tools like Search Console allow you to gain insight into what organic searches are already driving traffic to your store so you can optimize those key words through product pages, SEO, and digital content on your site.


There is no better time to start driving free traffic to your Shopify store than now. Contrary to popular belief, this does not have to be expensive to get more people taking a look at and buying your products or services. The list above will help you establish an online community following your products and increase your brand visibility in search results. Keep them in mind the next time you make a marketing plan!If you are looking for the best Shopify marketing consultant, contact Baotris. We unlock opportunities in the data that thousands of Shopify merchants sit on across their eCommerce stack. We do this by working with our brands as an extension of their team, rolling up our sleeves to solve the challenges holding back their sustained, profitable growth.

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