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Baotris aligns organic channels through user research and data analysis to define the ideal customer

At Baotris, our goal is always to align organic channels to help your company act with intelligence and purpose. We leverage user research and data analysis to define the ideal customer and their habits to better align our clients’ organic channels for greater success.

Our research-based approach allows companies to move beyond guesswork and intuition to a real, actionable strategy that produces results.

Defining a brand’s key customers is the first step towards creating a unified brand strategy.


Meeting the needs of your ideal customer is the best way to increase profit. Your business acumen gives you insight into your customers. Research helps you refine and strengthen your understanding of customers in order to meet their needs better. We use research to develop strategies that unify your message and value propositions in a cohesive story across all organic channels for your ideal customer.


  • To unify voice and direction, Baotris develops and manages a content roadmap for all of your organic pillars, focusing on telling a cohesive story across all channels that increase customer acquisition and improve conversion rates.
  • We create a unified customer journey across the different pillars of organic demand: Email, SEO, Social Media, Influencer, Affiliate + Ambassador, and Website.
  • This organic approach helps brands break their reliance on Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

The Baotris Process:

  1. Defining the Ideal Customer:
  2. During the first 2 weeks, we focus on persona development by analyzing business data and deploying a founder’s workshop to develop a proto-persona.
  3. We perform customer interviews to refine these personas.
  4. Once the key personas are defined, we begin iterating on the strategy with a research-based approach. We do that by creating persona-specific landing pages to test crucial KPIs by unifying the strategy through different channels.
  5. Once the performance of the campaigns is understood, Baotris then creates a unified message/story centered on the persona, which is then expanded through all of the brand’s organic channels:
  6. Website
  7. Usability audit by persona to personalize the customer journey
  8. Define strategy/roadmap for UX changes
  9. Help project manage engineering efforts for major UX changes (if needed)
  10. Analysis of information architecture to improve product discovery
  11. Identification and performing technical fixes of any key conversion-related bugs
  12. Search Engine Optimization
  13. Keyword strategy development
  14. Blog strategy framework
  15. Technical SEO fixes to the website
  16. Influencer
  17. Source persona-directed influencers
  18. Execute targeted influencer campaigns
  19. Brand guide for guiding influencer content
  20. Referral / Affiliate / Ambassador
  21. Existing program assessment and monitoring
  22. Implement additional programs as needed
  23. Develop incentive structure for programs
  24. Owned Social Media
  25. Content roadmap and performance tracking
  26. Bi-weekly analysis of "What's working" and "What's not"
  27. Weekly trend report and content guidance for improvements (but not creation)
  28. Email / SMS / Direct Mail
  29. Current programs assessment
  30. Performance monitoring
  31. Persona framework for content/suggestions for improvement

By leveraging user research and data analysis, we help you identify your ideal customer and understand if your organic channels are meeting their needs.

We then craft and implement a unified customer journey across these channels, with the goal of increasing your organic traffic by 25%, while strengthening your brand recognition, expanding your market share, and increasing your customer LTV.

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