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Get top tips to boost your Shopify store sales! Learn about strong landing pages, pricing strategies

Ecommerce has exploded during the pandemic as more people are saying yes to becoming their own boss. It allows you to make money online without being an expert in technology and Shopify is a great platform to start with because it is easy to use and has a great set of basic functions.Shopify is a powerful tool and lets you set up an ecommerce website fast and easy. There you can create an online store where you can sell your products without needing to invest heavily in the infrastructure and are able to use the downloadable apps to easily add a multitude of functions.With over 1,000,000 merchants on its platform, Shopify has become one of the most popular and reliable eCommerce platforms. However with this many shops, it can be hard to increase sales due to over saturation. That’s why we want to share with you the top Shopify tips in order for you to stand out from the crowd and provide the best experience for your customers.

Use a Strong Landing Page and Images

Potential customers are visual people, when they land on your site, especially through an ad, they want to see something that is not only appealing visually, but also is the same branding and content as the ad they clicked on.

If you're a jewelry company and promoting a specific piece, a customer who clicks on the ad will expect to see that piece on the landing page they end up on, not just be redirected to your home page. When developing campaigns, it is important that you have a landing page to match or even just the product page for the item.

Another important aspect here is to actually showcase your product through product images. Some products are small, so if you're a jewelry company and showcasing a model out with friends who is wearing one of your pieces, the audience may become confused and not sure what the actual product is that you're selling. Be sure to emphasize the product itself.

Other graphics and images are important too - you should have to have a strong logo that will stand out. It should be relevant and consistent with your products and relatable to your audience. You can create your own logo using an easy tool like Canva, or if you’re not the designing type, you can hire a designer to create your logo through a service like Upwork.

Name Your Price

Before setting your prices, we recommend doing some market research to find out not only what your competitors are setting their prices as currently, but using a website history tool like the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you can see what their prices have been historically. (Don't forget to donate if you use the tool).

Another great strategy with pricing is to conduct some market research with potential and past buyers to learn how much people are willing to pay and for what features and products. As a bonus you can do other product research during these interviews. At Baotris, we use User Interviews but there's a a lot of different tools out there you can use to do this as well.

Lastly, you can also use psychological pricing strategies such as offers, discounts, and sales that can increase your revenue, help you test out  new products and pricing, or to help you liquidate inventory you have too much of.

While "value" or sale shoppers will not be the most loyal to your brand, they are still very important to the success of your shop if you know how to use these types of strategies at the right time. Beware though - false sales, or sales that look like sales but are not, can end up hurting you in the long run if your customers find out. That's why we advocate being honest whenever raising or lowering prices.

Transparency on Your Policies

Aside from the product description and the price, there’s one more important thing that your customers need to know: return policy and shipping information.Putting your policies in a place that's easy to find, or even better a few places that are easy to find, will help your customers access and read the policies so you can build trust. Placing policies shows that you are a reputable seller and that you care about your customer.

This even extends to shipping updates. With COVID-related shipping delays, many products are stuck somewhere on big freight ships, waiting for a docking space and crew to be unloaded. Letting prospective buyers know the approximate ship dates before they order will save you time and issues with returns and customer service complaints.

Keep and Eye on Your Product Inventory

While new and exciting products always bring a boost in sales, it's important to also keep your most loved and flagship items in stock. As mentioned earlier, there are massive shipping delays happening so you will need to plan ahead. A great way to do this is with your data!

Your own historical sales data can help you predict what you're going to sell and when. If you know your lead times then you'll be able to make a larger than normal order before your busy seasons, ensuring you still have product when your competitors run out.

Nothing is worse than having a marketing campaign perform extremely well to find that you're now out of stock on something people are asking for. New customers won't wait around, they will find an alternative with a quick Google search and you would have just made a great sale for someone else.If you’re not an expert in Shopify inventory management, you can use an ecommerce strategy company like Baotris, that has tools to show you how to use your data to plan for these big sales seasons.

Diversify your Marketing Plan

With the changes from Facebook Ads, Apple's IDFA, and upcoming Google privacy changes, digital marketing has gotten a lot tougher. Gone are the days where you could just throw a bunch of money into a Facebook Ads campaign and have it pay off 10x.

What you probably don't know, if that while your 3rd party access to potential customer's data and spending habits is gone, you're actually sitting on a data gold mine of your own in your marketing and sales data - this is called first party data.

Baotris uses a proprietary tool to bring together all this data in one place so we can see where you have opportunities that you have not pursued including opportunities in spend amounts, missed channels, audience segments, and more.

With this data, you can build an inclusive marketing plan that uses the best parts of different channels, from email and SMS marketing, to old school digital marketing like Facebook and Instagram, and even the next gen digital channels like Tiktok, Twitch, and the Metaverse. Best of all, your competitors have zero access to your first party data, giving you the leg up.


With these tips, you can surely stand out from the crowd and ensure that your customers will have the best experience when they buy your products. To ensure you’re on top of your game, working with Shopify experts is still the surefire way to do it.Baotris has the best Shopify marketing experts that help you create opportunities in the data that you and thousands of other Shopify merchants sit on across their e-commerce stack. Let us help you bring promising solutions to gain sustainable and profitable growth. Contact us today to get started!

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